Client Overview

Web Honkers’ comprehensive digital marketing solutions and unwavering partnership with Gemma Barclay have played a pivotal role in The Barclay Team’s sustained success in the real estate industry. Through a strategic website design, effective SEO efforts, engaging social media marketing, and an optimized Google My Business page.

The Barclay Team has solidified its position as a leading real estate agency in the local market. The collaborative approach and data-driven optimizations have resulted in continuous growth and a strong online presence for The Barclay Team, culminating in a fruitful partnership that has spanned over 8 years.

Search Engine Optimization

Through meticulous keyword research in the real estate niche, Web Honkers identified relevant search terms and strategically incorporated them into the website’s content, meta tags, and URLs. Furthermore, we focused on optimizing page load speeds, improving site architecture, and implementing schema markup to enhance The Barclay Team’s search engine rankings and visibility.

First Page Ranking

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Social Media Strategy

Our social media experts devised a tailored social media strategy for The Barclay Team, identifying the most effective platforms for real estate marketing, including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, based on the target audience’s preferences. A well-structured content calendar ensured consistent posting and maximized engagement opportunities.

With creativity at the forefront, Web Honkers crafted captivating and informative social media posts to showcase The Barclay Team’s property listings, community events, real estate insights, and success stories. A mix of eye-catching visuals, compelling videos, and engaging captions effectively captured the attention of the audience and encouraged meaningful interactions.

Google My Business Optimization

We strategically optimized The Barclay Team’s Google My Business (GMB) page to boost its local search visibility. They ensured accurate and up-to-date business information, including contact details, operating hours, and address. Our efforts positive reviews on the GMB page, enhancing the agency’s online reputation and credibility.

Long-term Partnership with Gemma Barclay

Google Ads Strategy

Our Google Ads Experts implemented a targeted Google Ads campaign to complement the organic SEO efforts and further boost The Barclay Team’s online visibility. The agency conducted extensive keyword research and identified high-performing keywords related to diabetic supplies, medical devices, and lifestyle products. They created various ad groups and tailored ad copies to align with specific product categories and promotional offers.


By incorporating a comprehensive Google Ads campaign alongside The Barclay Team’s SEO efforts and other marketing strategies, We ensured strong online presence, increased brand awareness, and improved sales for The Barclay Team. The synergistic effect of these efforts resulted in a successful digital transformation, positioning The Barclay Team as a prominent player in the real estate market in King Township.

Collaborative Approach

Throughout the 8-year partnership, Web Honkers and Gemma Barclay, the owner of The Barclay Team, maintained open and transparent communication, fostering a collaborative approach to marketing strategies.

We gained a deep understanding of Gemma’s vision for the business, aligning their efforts accordingly. Also diligently monitored the performance of the website, social media campaigns, and SEO strategies. Leveraging data-driven insights, they made continual optimizations and improvements, ensuring that The Barclay Team’s digital presence remained ahead of the competition and in line with evolving market trends.