The holiday season is an important time of the year for most of the businesses, for certain businesses it can give a good boost in the sales and for other’s it might not work very well. To make the most out of the holiday season’s sale, preparing a good and solid marketing plan will certainly provide you the benefits of having the positive numbers in your bottom line. No matter what the holiday season means to your business it is important that your business should have a marketing plan, to avail every potential sales opportunity. How to start or develop your marketing plan? Let us highlight some of the important points and basics of your holiday season marketing plan.

It’s never too soon or too last minute to start:

Every year brands and businesses try to start their holiday season plans early in august to release the promotions by the mid or even in the start of November so that they won’t miss the holiday season goldmine opportunities. The best time to start your holiday marketing plan is the mid or end of the summer season or early autumn in your yearly marketing calendar. Even if you have procrastinated a bit and hope to get your marketing plans to start and implement soon, there will be still some groups of people that your promotions might appeal to. There will be a certain group of people who will wait to do their holiday shopping until Christmas Eve, so keep that targeted consumer in mind if you’re launching a last-minute campaign. When you’re thinking about starting your holiday marketing plan next year make sure to start early! If you’re looking for some last minute advice on bringing in customers this holiday season, contact Web honkers for your marketing plans and strategies.

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Know your customers needs for the holiday season:

The key to the success of every business is to know the needs of your consumers. It is crucial to know about your customers needs during the holiday season and how to use this information to sell to them more effectively and efficiently how to win business from your competitors and to completely understand other patterns like

  • What would be their spending patterns?
  • Is the targeted group of people early shoppers or the late ones?
  • What makes them feel good to buy your product
  • What your competitors have to offer?

Good sales are accomplished by emphasizing the benefits that your product or service brings to your customers. If you know how to face the challenges then it will be much easier to offer them solutions.

Analyze the trend of sales in the previous time of the year:

One of the best way to analyze the statistics and the traffic on your website, of the last year’s sales trends, no matter what type of business you are into is to go through the Google Analytics data which will provide you a clear picture of all the statistics and the last year’s sales trends for you to get prepared for this year’s season.

If in case you have not set up the Google analytic data, you must get it done; though it will not help for the current year’s marketing plan it will provide you with the required help for the next year. And if you want any assistance with your website you can contact Web honkers.

Outline your marketing plan:

Keeping in mind the last year’s sales trend now you have to outline your marketing goals. A very commonly used marketing goals strategy is to keep your goals specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and should be time-limited. Let’s say in the month of December we have to beat our previous sales by +10%, which are attainable, measurable, realistic goal vs. we will increase our sales in this holiday season.  So when you are outlining your marketing plan, be specific with the targets and numbers.

Plan the holiday promotions and offers

One of the effective and tested way to attract customers and holiday friendly is to offer good promotions and offers like buy one and get the second 50% off on your purchase. This is a way to showcase your products to be holiday oriented

Optimizing your website will surely help you to beat the last year’s sales targets. Optimizing your website shouldn’t be only done for the holiday season, but for the positive growth of your business you should optimize your website the whole year round. And if you feel that your business needs help in optimization then contact Web Honkers today.

Another tool to introduce your existing customers with the upcoming offers and promotions is to send emails with the existing marketing list. A well-timed Christmas promotional email is always a great way to give a boost to your sales.

Final steps and implementation of the plan:

The last and final step will be to finalize the designs, text and the pictures you might need for your marketing plan. These text and image are the most important part of your marketing plan. And if you are not good at it take professional help.

Implementing your marketing plan into action should be prompt and relatively straightforward and the most important thing is to monitor the results of your marketing plan so you can see how works against the goals you set.

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