Writing Better Ad Text to Get More Clicks: Top 13 Tips for You

Having a website compatible to be optimized and look user friendly is the first step toward generating online leads. However all the effort of making your website look good, goes in vain if no one comes on it. One of the best and most effective ways to gather some traffic on your website is to place Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads on relevant websites.

Putting up an ad does not provide you with guarantee of increasing the traffic on your website. To aim a high Click through Rate (CTR), the percentage people who see you ad and click over it to land on your website, you need to focus on more things than just putting on ads on random relevant websites. A general perception in public is to avoid the ads as much as they can and that is somewhat true because most of the ads are dull and boring that have no appeal to anyone despite of being at the relevant websites. The only thing that may affect the CTR is a better looking and more appealing ad that can be made in two ways,

  1. The graphical interface of the ad
  2. The text used in the ad

These are basically two major role playing parts of an ad that play the role of conversion of seeing an ad into click and leading someone to your website. In this guide we are going to make you a pro of writing the text ad in such a way that you would be able to grab more attention, more clicks and more traffic for your website. A good ad must have following characteristics in factors explains below.

  • An ad having a headlined that makes it evident to the viewer that this is relevant.
  • Using such text in call to action that makes them move right where you want them to be
  • Keeping a high quality score for an ad would lead you to earn better quality score

Now when we have established an argument over how we can use the text of an ad to get better results out of it we should start focusing on how to make an exceptional text for ad so that we grab the best and most of the fish out there.

Let’s get started,

  1. Add Features, Benefits and Call To Actions:

The most important part of an ad is to proclaim three things about the product or the services that are being offered, its features, its benefits and the call to action. Now as we have known how important these can be, we are going to indulge in the details to figure out how to place them in an ad to get the maximum out of it. No keyword is effected enough unless it has not been placed at the right point and even if makes your article appear somewhere you would still need an influence to make the person click your ad as you can influence the system through technicalities but you need a strong emotional appeal to make a good call to action.

You can make a following table containing all the features as well as other needed details about the ad can be a good representation about the whole campaign for you to keep a record of the whole event.

You just need to enlist your features, their possible benefits and portray your plan to grab attention for the plan in accordance. In this manner you can carry out some great combinations of all these three pieces of information and use the best ones to get maximum results out of the whole ad.

  1. End you first line with a Punctuation:

This one here is sort of a technical suggestion that you must know. Ending the line of your ad that comes right after the heading with a full stop might get you an average position in the listing however, let’s just explore it with a simple practical,

Putting “Pet Insurance” as the search query in your Google search box might end up giving you the following results.

Here if you look closely you would observe that the first ad has the headline having punctuation in between. This may be the reason why it has become the top most ad for this search query.  The query does not end with a sentence being completed that makes the user eager to click on the query and go down to the details.

  1. Use the Display URL at its Best:

An ad has a very limited display and one needs to make the best out of it within the constraint. Making the best out of the given constraint is the real optimization of all the resources that you have. Display URL takes up a huge space in the text of an ad and one need to make it not only confined within the limits but also make is more useable to put your ad at the top of the search results.

For an instance adding the search query right within the ad may get you a better response from an ad.  Adding up the call to action in the URL can be even better in the referencing the query towards ad.

  1. Testing to find the best Ads

Testing begins with the aims to find the best option among all. If you need to check the lift in CTR or Conversion rate, you should test your present advertisements while make a few new owns offering, compose 1-2 new promotions for each ad group, then go into your account, stop your most least performing promotion, put up the new ads and make an observation about the better results to come in. follow for a couple of weeks, or even months, while discarding the ads that are failing to meet expectations. However you are still not truly finishing up your test. After some time, you understand that you have a couple ads that have been running a campaign for 6 months or even longer depending on the time that you have spent testing the best as well as least performing ads.

Another technique in this regard can be pausing all the ads that do not perform as well as others and leave only those that are performing the best. After a whole make a comparison between those running ads as well. Eventually funnel down to the one with the best response that provides us with a benchmark for the text and every other ad campaign to be developed in the same pitch.

  1. Do Not Repeat

You would always learn from a new experience, in the process of making ad you need to utilize all the given resources to come up with the best and most productive ad, the following table may help you building one.

There is a very easy way to figuring out how to state what you require to state in this minimal space. One of the complications PPC advertising is to express similar information twice. Since you have so few characters to work with, it’s best not to rephrase yourself. For instance, do not put the name of your business in your headline, instead use the space for some other feature or information as you would have other chances to state the name of your business, For example show the name in URL.

Utilize the significant space of headline to indicate importance to the features you are offering. On the off chance that that catchphrase is “website architecture,” your feature may be “Master Web Design.” It’s vital that the viewer sees keywords or bold words more frequently when makes a search query to show the relevance with the query. Furthermore, better relevance leads to a higher Quality Score. Your business name is not as important to the viewer as the fact that what you are offering and how you would be doing it. Hence the same rule applies on other words and phrases do not just repeat the same words three or four times, make sure you are providing the viewer with some informative data to manage the viewers’ relevance.

  1. Using the Verbs

Verbs improve for narration, in a similar manner they can also help you fixing making your ad more attractive. For instance, in one A/B test, two fundamentally but different for the most part in the features. The first advertisement utilized the feature “Virtual Memory Repair” and the testing promotion utilized the feature “Increment Virtual Memory.” The second advertisement brought click by more than 150% — so we can say, the small change dramatically increased execution of the similar ad.

A helping sub tip in this regard can be, imagine every search on Google to start with “ I Want To….” And complete the sentence with your own words and keywords that may lead them to your ad. Provide them the answer to satisfy this sentence of their want and if you manage to do that accurately you can have loads of clicks and rush of traffic over your ad and eventually to your website.

  1. Symbols:

We all know how important symbols can be, and when talking about the usage of minimal space to proclaim the most in the least space. Using the right symbols at the right part of your ad can bring the maximum benefit however it can also be very sensitive issue as Google keeps a keen eye over the usage of symbols and rejects any ad that contains symbols not used properly.

Using registered (®), trademark (TM) and copyright (©) symbols at the right places might bring out a big difference. It would not only help you stand out among all your possible competitors but also lets you have a legitimate look about your business and builds a trust over the viewer about your product and services.

In a Test ran by Web Honkers, there was seen at least 89% improvement in the CTR by adding symbols in the same ad, and conversion improved by 13%.

  1. The Out-Standing Call-To-Action Strategy:

A call to action is basically the final appealing words that may or may not lead the viewer to perform the act for which you ran the whole ad for. Advertisers usually go with the conventional calls to actions for an instance “Buy Now”, “Click Here” and more on. However they work very well if used in the right way but you need to get creative to get the right response. You have to make sure you direct the viewer in the right way but do not dictate them. This might be tricky but it is workable and rightly used call to action can bring some exceptionally great results in generating sales.

Let’s take a look at different approaches we can use to make a call to action,

  • Tell them about the advantage they can have by taking the offer
  • Tell them about the monetary saving they can make by availing your offer.
  • Instant Contact through live chat or toll free call number offer

The above mentioned practices can be very useful for call to action and you can make your call to action strategy out of these.

  1. Your Language Should Grab Attention in an Instance

While looking at PPC advertisements that get high navigate rates, you regularly observe designs for instance, utilize of “free.” Another regular characteristic of high-CTR content advertisements is provocative dialect. Being provocative is an approach to snatch individuals’ consideration. Clearly you would prefer not to go so far as to annoy anybody, however an unpretentious test can get individuals intrigued, particularly considering that individuals who are hunting down new arrangements most likely have a few questions about themselves or whatever items they’re right now utilizing.

Here are a few cases of approaches to work immediate, provocative dialect into your advertisement duplicate:

  • Email Isn’t Dead
  • Your Credit Score Should Be Higher
  • You Need This Software!
  • Your Backup Process Is Wrong
  • Your Doctor Isn’t Good Enough
  • Stop Wasting Time

By far most of PPC advertisements utilize dull, nonexclusive dialect, so giving your own particular promotions a few state of mind and identity can go far toward expanding CTR.

  1. Keeping up the Record

Commencement promotions are precisely what they seem like: they number down to a particular date, for example, a school enlistment due date, and work best on the off chance that they change frequently! This implies significantly more work toward the front, yet both CTR and transformation rate can see an exceptional change that tries. Here’s a case of a test that was led where the advertisements said, “Just X-days left.” The left section records the “X” time allotments that were called out in the advertisements.

Except for the “1-day left” promotion, they all beat the control in CTR and transformation rate. (My hypothesis on why the 1-day promotion performed inadequately was that it just ran for one day, so the example size was little, and that it was excessively much desperation for a item that had a more extended thought cycle than numerous others.) A note with this method: in the event that you will do it, transfer every one of the promotions on the double and after that stop the ones that aren’t prepared to run. They will get affirmed while stopped, which implies the day you need them to go live, they will.

  1. Unique Keywrods And Rich Display:

Many advertisers overlook the potential impact that a display URL can have on the success of their ads. Newcomers to PPC may not even realize that the display URL (the URL that appears in their ads) and the destination URL (the actual URL of the page to which visitors are directed upon clicking an ad) can be different.

We have focused much on the URL as it serves for more than one purpose. It can be informative, used to access the website as well as getting the keyword adjusted within the URL can help you being your ad up in the top position.

The case above makes great utilization of the show URL, which recommends that the masters will be taken to an item page devoted to observation cameras. Indeed, this promotion just prompts to the business’ landing page — not the best thought — but rather it looks superior to a non specific landing page URL, and gives the publicist another chance to show up close by the pursuit term. Curiously, many significant brands really come at this from the other way. How about we investigate this illustration advertisement from Sony:

  1. Go take on the common Objections:

Regardless of the possibility that you’re working in a swarmed showcase with numerous contenders, periodically the decision amongst you and a contending business will boil down to one of two complaints — the amount it’ll cost, and how much bother it will be. Luckily, you can appropriate both of these basic snags with a little thinking ahead and some keen duplicate. Investigate this illustration promotion for the inquiry question “home protection”:

A descriptive word— is “Reasonable,” which conquers prospects’ dread of being gouged for protection. Perused somewhat further and you’ll see that they give an exceptionally particular gauge (see tip #2) of to what extent it will take prospects to get their free online quote. The promotion above was really beaten to position one by the accompanying advertisement:

  1. Emotional Words Grab More Attention

Nothing goads individuals vigorously than an effective passionate reaction — particularly on the web. This standard is the thing that makes “clickbait” so successful; individuals read something, background a forceful passionate response to it, and afterward navigate. This system is a standout amongst the most effective available to you when composing PPC advertisement duplicate.

How about we investigate an advertisement for an especially sensitive, possibly passionate administration — a site that people groups figure out if their spouses are having illicit relationships:

This advertisement is truly fascinating, and an awesome case of how inconspicuous influence of passionate triggers in your advertisements can be exceptionally convincing. Firstly, the promotion makes its essential advantage clear, to be specific that basically by entering an email address, the searcher can discover data from more than 70 interpersonal organizations — a remarkable extensive inquiry in fact, and the sort of easy chair investigator work that an unfaithful spouse won’t not anticipate.

The promotion additionally incorporates sitelinks to pages that likewise address the sort of doubts that a doubtful mate may have about their significant other, for example, strange calls from obscure numbers. It’s a bummer that “Username” is incorrectly spelled in the second sitelink, yet it’s still a very interesting advertisement. Likewise, positive passionate triggers, for example, confirmation and diversion, can be profoundly viable at provoking individuals to tap on your advertisements – yet they can be dubious to actualize well because of the subjective way of these feelings (particularly on account of funniness). This method doesn’t need to be especially obvious, and you do not really require shocking potential clients to stand out enough to be noticed. Actually, now and again, a more inconspicuous approach can be similarly as successful, as this advertisement illustrates:

Concluding Words:

In this piece of writing you must have gotten an idea about how important the content of your ad can be and how much small changes can bring out better and vibrant results to last longer. We have also focused over how to convert a simple as text into a more productive one as well as how to change the ad text in order to attain more traffic as well as better response from the viewers.

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