Many small business owners opt for social media marketing. The number one reason being that it is very inexpensive. Moreover, it allows the businesses to reach more people very easily without spending bucks on other means of marketing. There are many strategies that are adopted when opting for social media marketing and all of these strategies execute a meaningful and engaging approach that generates maximum results and increases the following. However, as open ended as social media marketing may sound, and as creative and easy it may seem, there are certain things that should not be done when using social media marketing.

Same media for everything

It should be kept in mind that there are different social media sites and they all serve different purposes. Creating content for one site might not necessarily be appropriate for another social media site. Hence, the content and strategy for every social media site should also be different. The strategy of one size fits all cannot be applied to social media marketing. Moreover, the audience also is different on every social media site, therefore, the platform you use would also determine what kind of audience would there be and so the content should be such that would be of interest to that specific kind of audience.


Not customer centric but business centric


We understand that you want the world to know about your product and your brand and how much effort you are doing. But when using the platform of social media, it is necessary that you focus less on what you are offer and how your brand is the best and how you have to offer something great to the customer, and start focusing more on the customers and followers. The strategy should be to follow a more customer centric approach. Bragging about your products and how great your brand is, is a big NO!



If social media can give you popularity, it sure can take it away from you. If it can build a positive image, it sure can build a negative image too. And that is something that you do not want. Hence, it is not a good idea to mislead or lie to your followers. Lies will always be caught, and once they are caught the followers have the power to spread that action which will eventually lead to building a very negative image of your brand.


Spamming on social media includes posting the same content over and over and on many pages and profiles, and sending private messages even when asked to stop. This does not make your brand look good. Spamming will only lead to people getting annoyed and unfollowing you.

Being offensive

The basic etiquette of social media marketing is not to be offensive. Being offensive is a big turn-off and does not increase any following. There might be times when the followers might say something inappropriate or obnoxious, but it is never a good idea to reply by being rude or offensive.

These are some of the very basic Don’ts that should be avoided at all costs when using social media sites for marketing. They are a very easy medium for marketing, but also one of the very risky ones where your followers will instantly react to anything that they would dislike or find inappropriate.

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