It is very interesting to note that the social media sites that were once created for entirely different purposes are now used as  very important tools for marketing. Twitter emerged as an internal podcasting platform, blogging started as a platform to write personal online diaries, and Facebook was started to rate date-ability. Looking at them now, marketers know how important all three of these social media sites are important for marketing products, services, and ideas.

Here are some of the insights about how social media blogging influences digital marketing.

Blogs and Purchase Decisions

Blogs are the most influential medium when a person wants to make a purchase decision. While official websites provide all the details about the brand and their products, blogs offer  reviews that are very specific to what the buyer wants to hear. Many blogs are not only reviews of the product but also talk about how there are many benefits of the same product, and what other accessories go with the product. In short , blogs act as guides for many shoppers  when a purchase decision needs to be made .

Great for Reducing Marketing Costs

Social Media blogging seems like a very effective tool when it comes to marketing a product, therefore, many people seem to believe that it must be very expensive too. Although, the reality is a bit different. This is because it does make a huge impact on purchase decisions and is a great help in digital marketing, but also, it is very low budget friendly. Social media marketing consumes only 10% of your overall marketing budget. However, the results of spending  the 10% works wonders.

Blog to Be an Influencer

Influencers have realized that if they want to project their voice and want their opinion to reach their target audience, then they have to blog. There is great power when blogging and when they are combined with social media platforms, they give you the power to reach-out to potential markets that were previously unreachable.

Text Blogging

There are photo blogs and there are video blogs too. However, the power of text blogs should not be overlooked. There is great power behind words . If you learn to use your words effectively, they can be very beneficial for you. Words are a great communication medium, and what better way than to communicate your brand  than using  text blogs.

Facebook and Twitter Dominate

Facebook and Twitter are the two most important and most influential social media platforms  used by millions of users all across the globe. They are a great medium for influencers to share their message with a large audience.

However, blogging is also a great tool to influence your audience, many brands still fail to realize it and use the clichéd mediums of marketing. However, this is soon to change as there is a considerable shift according to the recent trends, and marketers are realizing the power of online bloggers and influencers. The fact that blogging and social media influence is a very inexpensive, yet very, very, effective marketing tool, makes it more useful and as a result, it is becoming a  widely used medium of marketing.

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