You are no doubt familiar with 360-degree photos that are a very popular trend on Facebook and are used by many individuals to allow viewers to experience the photos as if you are there.  However, have thought about using it as a means to show pictures you as a very effective social media marketing tool for your brand?. And the best part is that 360 degree photos and videos  are not very expensive so you do not have to worry about having to spend a lot  on this marketing tool.

There is more good news  as well. You can get the 360-degree photos for free.  However, it is a bit more time consuming but it is definitely worth a shot to save your budget. Just like Google is now providing many other tools to make our lives easier, it has a solution in this regard too. The basic  Google Street View app allows you to create 360 degree photos that can be very easily shared on Facebook and other social media platforms as well.

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What is more convenient about a 360-degree photo is that you can embed these photos in your websites too or you can use virtual reality headsets to view the image on a supported smartphone.

Now the question arises how you can use 360-degree photos as a marketing tool. These photos are a great way to show your customers what your company is actually like. For instance, if you own a department stores chain and you want to let your audience know that you have introduced a new category of items in your stores, instead of making a video, you can take a 360-degree photograph and upload it on your website and your Facebook fan page. This will allow your customers to get a very realistic view and they will be able to better look at the items that you have displayed as compared to a video. This is because the audience will be able to rotate and view the details our company. Many organizations arrange seminars, social events, conferences,  and etc. in their company. Instead of posting hundreds of  similar photographs – that no one looks at – you can upload one 360-degree photo of your event and let the world know about your place and event.

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The possibilities are endless when it comes to 360 degree photographs. Many organizations are using them as a promotional activity by uploading a 360 picture and asking the followers to find the hidden object in it. This is a great way to engage your audience. You can use similar activities to promote your brand on social media.

The basic idea is to use everything that becomes a trend on social media to your advantage. The chances are high that it will click and something  easy on the budget is a great tool to experiment with.

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