Keeping up with the pace of modern evolution has become a necessity of this age. When it comes to digital marketing we have seen dramatically innovation in the recent years. 2016 is just about finish, and the year has brought a huge leap of advancement in the field of technology and every other subfield related to it. Digital marketing is basically entirely dependent upon the advancements in the technological field and when it comes to digital marketing there are several techniques that keep evolving while many other keep introducing to make it all more innovative and more profitable.

Recent year has not been any different in this regard and people from around the world have seen and introduced some new and improved methods for digital marketing. In this piece of writing, we are going to take a look at some of these new and improved ways of digital marketing that have brought a revelation in the whole industry and took it up to the new height or marketing excellence.

Data Analysis:

Marketing has become more targets sensitive. It does not only save the cost of marketing but also provide major benefits in its objectives and achievements. When it comes to digital marketing in the recent years we see a major trend of more intense data analysis in order to attain better marketing results.

The data is taken from several forums that may include social media as well as primary data collection units that are providing a huge number of samples to people in order to achieve their desired information about the likes and dislikes of the masses to infer about what has to be done and what needs to be stopped. Data analysis has become more advanced and more trustworthy in the recent times due to a vast availability of people’s opinion about anything gathered from the internet platform.

Mobile Oriented Marketing:

We have seen a great trend of people shifting the focus of their whole digital marketing campaign over mobile phone oriented marketing. With millions of mobile users and the numbers increasing every day, one can easily assess the potential in the marketing that is more mobile oriented than any other device used for internet access. As per the data, more than half of the searches made on Google are carried out on mobile phones and people tend to have more interest in having websites that are easily opened and optimized on mobile devices. Hence the trend of marketing has shifted from conventional devices to be more focused on mobile devices.

These are some major trends in marketing that have been observed by our experts at Web Honkers who keep a keen eye on all the digital marketing related issues and make their observation worthy by utilizing them into the marketing campaigns designed by them so that it can be optimally used to get the maximum benefit of the efforts put into them. You can get more information about the workability and task management of Web Honkers at

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