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 With the holiday season being just around the corner, you must be thrilled and excited not only for all the festivities that are ahead but also for the natural marketing edge you will be getting in this season. Now then you should be preparing up for the great sales of the season ahead. I am going to tell you 9 facts and solutions of holiday internet marketing that are going to make this season worth all the efforts spent on marketing rather than taking the holiday off.Get your Marketing hats on, let’s Prepare for the Holiday Season

Plan, organize and be clear about what is to be done and when

If you need to get the best out of your marketing during this holiday season,  make sure every member of your team knows what they are going to do and they are mentally prepared about it. Although for a seasoned market professional, it is pretty obvious that things are going to go down in the holiday season but still, plan it out and write it down in a chronological order for what is to be done and when.

Open yourself up for changes and improvement

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No matter how complete you believe your marketing plan to be, there is still a room for heavy improvement. You can choose from the following  points to implement in your holiday season marketing to get maximum benefit out of it.

  • Give your customers higher discounts, as much as you can afford, it may seem weird but discounts in the holiday season can make some real loyal customers for the rest of the year.
  • Make your products or services, whatever you work with, visible everywhere
  • Make it quick for the customers to seal the deal, keep the process easy
  • Payment options are the most crucial part that can break down the whole deal for you,  so give your customers various options for payment
  • Keep reminding  customers that you are there for them this season through channels of interaction

 Preparation Tips:

Take your time to work all this out and do your math, go to the results that are applicable and without wasting any time start implementing them to see if the results are according to your expectations. If not, then start over with an improved strategy. For any further inquiry about this matter you can always get in contact with the experts  at

Preparing Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is always  important, however when it comes to the holiday season, email marketing needs some special attention because people have more time to read the email than the normal. A good idea for email marketing that has worked very well is to provide your customers with some special holiday subscription deal that may include special discounts or other benefits. This can be promoted as a limited time offer for the customers take advantage of.

When it comes to the content of the email, you should start by bringing up a topic that they likely already have in mind. Convince them to order as fast as they can, it can help to tell them that the offer lasts only for couple of more days or tell them that shipments will only arrive before Christmas if you order within the next 48 hours or so.  This creates a sense of urgency for your customers to prompt them to take action right away.

The closer you get to the shipment deadline or the discount offer end date, make your emails more intense to target your followers even more.

When the deadline has almost arrived, generate feelings of guilt for them not ordering  ordering from you yet. If that does not work,  you can try once more by saying you can extend the deadline only if they order right away.

Keep a complete record of every individual that you have been dealing with, so you can get a better chance of using the best customer with  to get the best results. You can have this task  managed by  Web Honkers with their expertise in this field.

Additional Note:

Make sure you have a two-way communication with your customer, as email is a narrow casting type of marketing that may lead the customer to ask questions via email, make sure you to answer immediately to  convert the conversation into a sale.

Running a Pay-Per-Click Campaign:

Now that we have thoroughly discussed the email campaign and how you can manage it to make the most out of every email that you send in the holiday season, now let’s focus on how you can use the pay per click campaigns to increase profits this holiday season.

Start with some relevant keywords, such as “Christmas gifts” and you can add other common nouns such as “Christmas gifts for kid” and many more.

You may get less traffic at first, but right as the event comes closer you are guaranteed to have more traffic land at your market space.

You can divide your campaign in B2B and B2C categories to have a better grip of the events that may occur during your interaction with both.

Preparation Tips:

 See what your competitors are up to and plan your keywords and strategy accordingly. Find your keywords and start working on them as early as you can so you can test them for the best quality score when the time comes.  

Working on your content


As we have already established,  you should start working on your marketing before event you are promoting. But to maximize your efforts for the holidays,  get your customer base in the holiday spirit. You can start with  content marketing, create some that gets them mentally prepared for what they are going to get this season.

Preparation Tip:

Work  on your content and conduct meetings about what will happen and how it needs to be done, discus it with your team and carry out brainstorming sessions for this.

Use Alternative Landing Pages for differently targeted masses

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Running a marketing campaign can only be successful if you carefully analyze the results and carry out your investigation to figure out which of your techniques is working the best. For different marketing channels that we have discussed up till now you can use different landing pages to see which one of the campaigns is working the best.

Preparation Tip:

If you do this early enough you can analyze the best and most effective way of marketing and utilize it to get the real result when the iron is hot.

Indulge Your Customers

This is a great idea to build up a trust worthy relationship with your customers, you can ask them post their “Ugly Christmas Sweater” pictures so that you can give the ugliest one  a huge discount or prize. This works not only as a marketing tool but also makes it easier for you to start an informal marketing campaign with your customers. This way you can also build a special relationship with your customers that goes beyond the simple marketing relationship.

Preparation Tips:

Get your team working on some crazy and innovative ideas and then broadcast them to get the messages spread to the masses so they can contribute to whatever you have to offer.

Treat them VIP

It is pretty obvious; everyone wants to feel special and like they are getting a great deal. Make sure your treat every single customer with a special protocol as if they are your best customer and you are serving only them. This can be very tricky at times to make time and treat individual that you are dealing with extra special customer service,  you can get it done very easily if plan it well and implement the plan well over time.

Google is your best friend

No matter what the nature of your issue is, if you are lacking ideas or looking for more channels to interact with your potential customer, there is no better place to start than Google. With social media websites offering a range of interaction channels Google provides you with the ideas to make that interaction worthy.


Bonus Tips:

As we are talking about seasonal activity to generate more sales in the holiday season, you can improvise the same advice and utilize them over other events such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, New Years, Easter, and 4th of July, with a slight change in content and strategy.

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