In this age of technological advancement and open access of information we have developed dozens of ways to express our feelings and stories in the form of Videos, Pictures, Micro-Blogging, info graphics and many more. We are still working on many other new ways to come up with more intuitive ways of communicating and passing on information with minimalistic efforts. We have hundreds of forums to showcase our opinion in and thousands of inspirations to get ideas from. So why do you think in this time of gushing information, someone would still come down to your written piece of content marketing and spend time on it or even care to open it? Well, lucky us, because as a human we still find reading as the best way of gathering information that lasts long.



Writing a piece that grabs someone’s attention and makes a person stop by is a work of art in itself but there is nothing in the world that we cannot learn. So let’s take a look at some very basic tips and tricks for content marketing in the spectrum of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that we can use in our writing piece to make it better and more interesting for anyone to read.

1) Find the Right Audience:


Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, you can never get anyone engaged in your content if they are not interested to know about it in the first place any way. Find the right place to target the right audience. Make sure you are heard loud and well. Whatever the piece of writing you are preparing make sure it reached to the right person who is curious to know about rather than ending up unread.

The types of audiences you could be looking for include:

  • Current clients or customers
  • Potential clients or customers
  • Associates of current/potential clients or customers
  • Journalists and editors
  • Bloggers
  • Suppliers
  • Affiliate businesses
  • Thought-leaders


2) Address Them and Take Control:

A good piece of content marketing engages the person reading and makes him go with the flow. Interact with the person as if he you know he is reading your content while you are writing it. The best way to make a pedestal in this regard is to start with a sentence that directly addresses the person, start with an interrogative sentence to get them indulged in your writing from the very first sentence.

Below are five key elements for taking control of my business.


I believe that a great marketing strategy is a great business strategy, and the best marketing strategy allows you to change the context of how your business is viewed in comparison to every other business in your industry.

You have to figure out what matters most to your ideal clients and allow your business to be remarkable at addressing that – that’s marketing strategy.

No amount of reading books and even blog posts will teach you how to do this practice fully – it comes from living with your ideal client for a while and observing what they really care about.

And trust me it’s not about your software, it’s about how your software helps them get a raise, keep their key clients, or dominate their market.

Never respond angry: Facing harsh criticism can be tough. Take some time to cool down before responding to a negative review, or have someone else read your proposed response before replying publicly.

Always be diplomatic and polite: Remember that you’re talking to paying customers! Thank the customer for their feedback, and, if applicable, highlight changes you’ve made since his or her visit that could alleviate the concern.

Customize your response: Read each review thoroughly and respond specifically if you can.
Most marketers spend far too much time on generating leads and far too little time on understanding how to convert leads.

Getting traffic is easy, heck given enough money any marketer can fill the lead pipeline, where the real money is made however is in understanding why those people who show up don’t buy, don’t come back and don’t tell their friends.

You must get very good at researching, testing and analyzing your conversion results if you ever want to feel totally in control.
Finally, entrepreneurs, by their very nature, can suffer from focus issues.

The trick is to find ways to balance the h

3) Be Brief:

The nature of writing, especially in content marketing in SEO, has now evolved to the point where no one has time to read your basic argument to building up the base and then come down to the real talk. Everyone is looking for you to come down straight to the point. So give them what they are looking for. Come down to the point and make sure you deliver it at the right time with best possible explanation.

It is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing and distributing content for a targeted audience online.It is often used by businesses in order to:

  • Expand their user base
  • Diversify their user base
  • Establish or Increase online sales
  • Increase brand awareness or credibility
  • Create an online community of users

4) Make a Brand Out of Yourself:

If you want to sell yourself make sure you are shiny and bright. Promote yourself and the product you are writing for. Make sure you reader gets the feeling of you not being like everyone else that he confronts on the daily basis.

Always keep another thing in mind as a bonus tip. Be legit and be bold. No one who has come far enough to read your written piece would be dumb enough not to get what you are up to. Sell what you are there to sell, take it out and put it in front of him. Because after all it’s all about increasing you benefits and one can does that better for you other than As being pioneers in the field of SEO, we have a dedicated team of writers that follow all the given tips with better and approach to provide with just right services you need in order to enhance the traffic and get the promised results.

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