When it comes to having your site or business mentioned on social media, this is a great way in which your search rankings will be boosted. This will allow you to receive visitors that are more targeted straight to your website.

This is why you need to be doing everything in your power to ensure that visitors can easily mention your site on the different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

1. Tips on how to get mentions on Facebook

The best in which you can get more mentions on Facebook is to ensure that there is a visible “Like” button somewhere prominent on your site.

Why is it a good idea to have a Facebook “Like” button?

Whenever you have a visitor click on this button that is located on your site, their own Facebook profile will show to the visitor’s friends, family and acquaintances that they have liked your site. This will be in the form of a link usually that is displayed under their “Recent Activity” that is found on the wall of the person in question.

Why it is important that you should add this Facebook “Like” button to your site?

  • Adding more credibility to your content

Whenever a person is on Facebook and they see that you already have a lot of likes, the chances are much greater that they will also like your page, as it appears that a lot of people trust and value your website and your content.

If you were on vacation and you were looking for a nice restaurant to eat at, would you prefer the one that had a queue out the door or one that had nobody in it?

If your website has some social proof, people will be much more likely to drop it a like. It is the herd mentality, what one person does; the rest of the people will follow. Make sure that the Facebook “Like” button that you are using displays beside it how many people have liked your site to date.

  • This is a great way of spreading your message by word of mouth

Whenever a visitor goes to your website and clicks the Facebook “Like” button, people who have this visitor in their news feed will see that they have like your site. This means that all of the people in a person’s friends list, which could run into the thousands, will see this activity.

When these friends see the link,click on it, go to your site and also like the page, this will create a word of mouth spiral where your site and Facebook page have the chance to go viral solely through word of mouth.

  • You will receive a lot of unique visitors to your site

On average, statistics have shown that your typical Facebook user has more than 100 friends. Even if only a couple of these friends also check out your site and click the “Like” button, you will get many new visitors and potentially new customers.

2. How to take steps to increase your Twitter mentions

Just like the Facebook “Like” button, you can have a “Tweet” button on your site which allows visitors to quickly and easily send out a tweet in relation to your site.

What does this button do?

This “Tweet” buttons allows your visitor to quickly share your site with the people who follow them.

What are the benefits of using a “Tweet” button on your site?

  • Spreading your message by word of mouth

When your visitor clicks on the “Tweet”button and send out their tweet to their followers, they will all see your site.

  • You will get further exposure on search engines

The major search engines such as Google and Bing instantly display results in real-time when it comes to their search pages (for certain keywords that have been selected) and if you have had your site mentioned a few times on Twitter, your site will appear in these specialized results.

  • Boost your search ranking

In recent times it has been clear that Google look at the amount of mentions your site gets on social media sites and uses this as a ranking signal. This is due to the fact that the more times you are mentioned on social media sites, the more trust it shows in your site by the visitors. When your site is trusted, you will achieve a better ranking.

3. Advice on ensuring you get adequate exposure on LinkedIn

As opposed to Facebook, which is more focused on your personal relationships, LinkedIn is more tailored for professional and business networks. On your LinkedIn profile you will have your past education, work experience and skills, along with any organizations or sites that you may be affiliated with.

When you fill out this sort of detail in an in depth manner you will be able to connect better with clients, colleagues and partners on the network.

What is a LinkedIn “Share” button?

This “Share” button allows those visitors to your site to share your website with the other people that are in their professional network.

Reasons why you should add a LinkedIn “Share” button onto your website

  • It gives your business a boost

As LinkedIn is a social network used for business contacts, when your site gets shared on the network, it will be exposed to professionals who may be interested in your product or service.

  • Your website will become more credible

If your site is regularly shared amongst professionals, this will lend further credibility to your site and to your business.

4. Getting Google+ mentions

The Google+1 button is a lot more recent than those found for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It kind of looks similar to the Facebook “Like” button.

What does the Google+1 button do?

This allows your site visitors to easily share your site with those friends that they have on the Google+ network. The Google search engine also gives your Google+ account a spot on their search results.

Reasons why you need to add a Google +1 button onto your website

  • It helps your search rankings.

When you get more Google+1 clicks, you will be helping out your rankings in the Google search results. With each unique click that you get, the higher your ranking will be.

  • You will have your site positioned on Google’s social network

Whenever someone clicks on your Google+1 button, this will appear on their profiles. This could lead to you getting further mentions as the friends of the visitors will see your link on their friend’s Google+ profile.

5. Further social media sites

As well as the social media sites that have already been mentioned in this article (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+), there is an abundance of other social media sites that can be leveraged to increase your position in the search ranking and to make more sales. While most of these sites will not have as much influence as the big four, they still have a part to play.

The most straightforward way in which you can get visitors to share your site on these other platforms is to include a whole host of share buttons on your web pages.

What are the advantages of having these additional share buttons?

  • Further exposure

Despite what you may think, not everyone will actively use Twitter and Facebook on a regular basis. Many people prefer to use some of the other social media platforms that are out there, so you can target these people by having share buttons on your site that are relevant to the social media networks that they are a part of.

  • Those people located in other countries will use different platforms

If you utilize a share button that is dynamic, you can have those visitors located in Spain sharing on the social media platforms most popular in Spain, while American visitors can do likewise.

  • You will receive additional back links.

When you are getting your site share don social media sites, this is a good way of getting back links. These back links will help you to rank higher in the search engine results.

6. Adding these types of buttons onto your web pages

This is a fairly straightforward process. You simply add a small piece of HTML code into the relevant web pages:

Facebook code
Twitter code
LinkedIn code
Google+1 code

If you do not want to add these codes manually to each page, you can use certain services that will do this all for you:

This allows you to sit back while someone else adds these buttons.

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