When it comes to social media today, some of the most popular platforms are Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Whenever your site gets mentioned on one of these social networks, you will receive new visitors to your site and will also get a useful bump when it comes to your rankings in the various search engines, such as Google and Bing.

Social media sites were developed with the aim of bringing people together, whether they are friends, family or simply like-minded people. The sites have the aim of harboring discussion and allowing users to share different types of media and information among one another.

When it comes to your business, these types of sites will allow you to tap into a new market of potential new clients and you can also converse with your current customers in a much more personable manner, leading to greater loyalty.

Today, the most important social media sites that you need to be focusing your attention on are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

If you have your business mentioned on any of these social networks, you will gain many positive effects, including:

  • Your site will directly receive visitors from these social networks.
  • Your site will show up in the real-time search results when people are looking for specific keywords.
  • You give additional legitimacy to your sites in the eyes of search engines such as Google, as people are actively talking about your site. This will usually lead to you moving up in the search rankings.
  • Your site will show up when it comes to the Google personalized results for people who are friends of people that have previously “Liked” your page when on Facebook or have mentioned it while on Twitter.


As your engagement and number of visitors increases on these social media platforms, you will get a boost in visitors both directly from the social networks, as well as receiving additional visitors from your search rankings which have been improved as a result of your efforts on social media.

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