When it comes to running a business, there are so many different balls to juggle that it is hard to find time to promote your website. This is why many website owners fall foul of shady online marketers that will promise you lightning quick results.

While in the past, some of these methods may have worked, Google is constantly wising up to these shady practices and handing down severe penalties to those using them. The may even take your website off the Google Index.

Nobody likes to feel cheated, search engines are no different. The engineers at Google are always on the hunt to detect the latest spam methods that are being used by people to unfairly get to the top of the rankings. To date, each and every shady method that has been used to secretly boost rankings has been detected and dealt with by the major search engines.

These following methods are considered to be spam by search engines:

  • Misleading redirects
  • Cloaking (when a web server will show a different page to web surfers and search engine spiders)
  • Hidden text (when the text color on a site is similar to the background color, text that has been hidden with CSS etc.)
  • Taking part in automatic linkage schemes
  • Creating forum profiles automatically with site links
  • Participating in fake blog networks that exist to link to other sites
  • Automatically making blog comments that link to your site


If you are not careful and use these types of shady practices, the search engines will deal with you heavily, possibly even banning your website completely. This is why you need to only use safe methods.

We provide a solution that is great for all parties!

At Web Honkers, we only utilize search engine optimization techniques that are safe and follow the guidelines set out by the search engines. These types of techniques are called white hat. There are many advantages:

  • Search engines: They get pages that are well laid out and easy to analyze and have the type of quality information that searchers are looking for.
  • Searchers: They get quality results when they search for specific keywords.
  • Owners of websites: They will get higher quality visitors that will be interested in buying the product or service that is being offered.

While safer SEO methods may take a bit longer for you to rank at the top of the search results, you will see the ranking grow consistently over time and in the long run you will see great results.

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