In order to calculate the rank of your web pages, the search engines use a complicated mathematical formula. The name given to these formulas is ranking algorithms. The search engines providers do not tell people exactly how these ranking algorithms work, but the team at Web Honkers have the tools to break down the algorithms and figure out the important components that your web page must have to rank highly.

The majority of the leading search engines utilize the same parameters in order to rank websites. While the algorithms themselves will differ between search engines, the underlying principal is always the same.


1) It is important to have quality backlinks

When another website links to your site, this is called a backlink. In order to rank highly, you need to have plenty of quality backlinks. It is very straightforward, if a website links to another, this is a recommendation for the reader to visit this site. The more times your site is recommended by others in this manner, the higher your ranking will be.

You cannot just have links scattered across poor quality sites, the links need to be of a high quality. If you have a link that contains the keyword that you want to have a high ranking for in the text of the link, this link is far better than five links that have some random text, such as “Read here for more.”

The key is to have links for quality sites that are related to your topic as opposed to unrelated sites.

Web Honkers has a variety of link building tools that will give you access to obtaining links that are high quality in a straightforward process.

2) Make sure that your web page content is optimized

Google algorithms can quickly analyze the content contained on your web pages by taking into account a variety of different factors, such as subdivisions, word locations and the type of fonts used. They will also look at the content contained in your other web pages to make sure that they are also relevant to what the searcher is looking for.

As a result of Google analyzing the entirety of your web pages, you will need to optimize all of these pages for all of the relevant factors to rank highly in their rankings.

Many webmasters who claim to offer great SEO services actually do not know which are the important factors to optimize for. This is why Web Honkers work with a tool called the Top 10 Optimizer. This allows the team to check which factors are most important for your specific type of web pages so you can rank as high as possible on Google.

3) It is important to have mentions on social media

While your web page content and backlinks are the most important factors when it comes to ranking highly in the search engines, you also need to pay attention to your website mentions on social networks.

The more times that you are mentioned on social media, the more your product or service will appear to be in search rankings, giving you an additional boost.

4) You need to have more than a single page

When Google looks at your site, they will look at the complete picture. Each web page will be carefully analyzed to ensure that there is a consistent them and relevance.

While each web page can be optimized for different keywords, they all need to have a universal theme that ties the website together for a certain topic. This will increase the chance that your ranking for these particular keywords will be close to the top.

You cannot just have one of your pages optimized, they all need to be.

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